Saturday, May 5, 2012

Must-Have's and Must-Do's

Well, even I couldn't take the new look of the blog after letting it sit for a week, viewing it, then viewing it again. The minimalist look just wasn't cutting it, so after playing around some, the blog is what it is for now. I hope to play around with it further as I'm still not at all smitten with the background, the layout, and the color scheme. I have an idea in mind, but making that idea reality is just not happening, mostly because I'm not ready to sit down for a couple of hours to work on it. Other things are pulling at me, mainly finishing up the semester and getting the must-have's for the ride. The semester is coming to a smooth close. The must-have's are taken care of--I finally settled on a sleeping bag after reading tons of reviews, visiting four sporting goods stores, and emailing a route leader to get his input. The wiffle-waffling had to stop if I was going to have a bag to sleep in the first night of the ride. I'll be sleeping in said bag tonight, in the new tent, to see if it'll pass muster.

Besides the must-have's I was issued a couple of must-do's by Hubby: a health physical and the usual yearly for women (which I usually do every three or four years much to the consternation of my friends). I'm not huge on docs. I figure if I eat healthfully and exercise regularly, I'm good. The health physical said as much. All the blood work came back as being within the normal ranges. My blood pressure was 110/70. My pulse 64. Not bad. The womanly yearly? Don't know the results yet. However, (this is where if you're a guy and you don't want to read about lady bits, you might want to stop reading) the doc did do an ultrasound of my womanly parts because of some of my complaints. Being 48, I'm heading towards menopause. This has been going on for about 10 years. The last two months have been rather awful. Seems my body is in overdrive, producing an egg then purging the egg more than the usual one time. After the ultrasound, Doc put her arm around me and pointed to an image from the ultrasound, saying, "See that follicle? That means you're in for another period in about two weeks." I'd just finished having one.  I really don't want this happening during the ride. Talk about one unhappy camper! On top of that, she pointed to the numbers that indicate the size of my uterus, saying, "It's twice the size it should be." Yes, my body has been very busy lately. So we talked about options and during the next two weeks I will be undergoing a couple of those options. While I'm not thrilled about how close to the ride these procedures are happening, I will be thrilled if I can go the two months without womanly issues keeping me from enjoying the the ride.

Other than that . . .. The last couple of days I've gotten some good rides in. 50+ miles the last two days and some hill work the two days before that. Tomorrow I'm hoping to go 60+, so I'll be up early and out of the tent long before the rest of the family even thinks about getting up. At least that's the plan.

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