Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back Pasture Horse Shows

My boys gave me the best Mother's Day gift. I went to them yesterday afternoon, very last minute, and asked if they would go with me to visit Mom's grave on Mother's Day. Without hesitation, without saying they didn't want to give up their Sunday, they both nodded and said, "Of course." So early this morning we headed out on the two and a half hour drive. We stopped to get a bouquet of roses just before arriving to the cemetery, and when we pulled up, we saw the new grave marker had been put into place. As we walked to the grave, Funny Delightful Son pointed to the snow-white peacock in the pasture just beyond. Angel Baby tugged at my arm and pointed to two alpacas near the fence a little ways to the right. Mom has beautiful animals looking over her all the time.

My boys stood next to me, my youngest again taking my hand much like he did at Mom's funeral, and we placed the pink roses on top of her marker. On the drive over, I'd thought about so many things Mom had done for me when I was a kid. One of my favorite memories is of us having our own horse shows with Mom being the judge. We would make our own ribbons out of construction paper: blue being first place, red being second, yellow being third, and pink being fourth. Usually it was me, my sisters, sometimes my youngest brother, and a friend who lived down the road who "competed" in these back pasture horse shows. Mom always made sure each of us won something. Seems so long ago now. But the fun we had, the laughter, the joy over being able to ride horses, all encouraged by Mom, takes me right back to those sunny summer days.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Love you. Miss you. 


J said...

That is so sweet. I'm glad you got to do this. Your boys are amazing.

JK said...

They really are. I'm one lucky mom.