Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yearning For Last Week

Oh last week, wherever did you go? Why did you have to leave so quickly? Now you are but mere memories. How my heart yearns for those days, hours, minutes, seconds to return.

Yes, I'm back at work after a lovely week off from classes, reading papers, prepping materials, fielding emails from wayward students. Thankfully it's now Thursday, and I am close to finishing the individual conferences scheduled the week before spring break. While I love doing these conferences, and I know the students enjoy them as well (heck, why shouldn't they since they essentially get another week off from the class?), they do tend to make my brain turn to mush by the end of the day. Seeing a student every 20 minutes during an 8 hour period over the course of four days is exhausting.

So yes, I yearn for the moments of last week when I was out on the rural roads, turning my face to the sun as the pavement passed beneath my tires.

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