Tuesday, March 6, 2012

:) and :(

The promotion portfolio is officially out of my hands and into those of the portfolio reading committee. :)

Lovely, Beautiful daughter is officially on a plane heading back to Shanghai. :(

Officially, I had the most awesome birthday dinner last night with my kids: grilled peanut butter and jelly followed by apple pie and ice cream. :)

I opened that social networking site this morning to find a message from someone of my past, someone I can officially say I really, really dislike. :(

I officially put my dismay out there for some individuals I knew would give me great advice, and they didn't disappoint. :)

I recieved an official verbal commitment for another donation to BTUSFMS! :)

Wow, happiness and sadness are definitely taking turns right now. Thankfully, happiness is winning.

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J said...

Uh oh, I want to hear about this sometime.