Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Being Happy Tired

Since last Thursday I've been stalking the weather forecasters. Having a week of no classes ahead of me, I was really hoping for a chance to get outside for a ride. The trainer has been great, but I need the road to pass under my tires. Plus, for whatever reason, I just have a hard time on the trainer. I hear people complain about not getting a good workout in on the trainer, but for me, maintaining a 15 mph speed on the trainer takes everything I've got. I find riding outside to be much easier, so when I heard the 70 degrees and light winds forecast for today, I knew it was time to take the bike off the trainer and put the road tire back on. I awoke this morning to plentiful sunshine with just a slight breeze out of the west, a stark contrast to the 30 mph winds during most of last week.

Farmer burning off a field
I was out the door by 9:15. At the end of the street, I noticed the lilac bushes beginning to leaf out. It's only mid March, but already the tulips, the crocuses, and even some trees are awakening under the warmth we're experiencing. During the ride, I saw red-winged blackbirds, robins, and even a killdeer. As I passed over a creek about 15 miles into the ride, I could hear frogs croaking. Spring has definitely arrived in central Illinois. It couldn't have come at a better time. With only 75 days (plus or minus a few days) to get ready for the Bike the US for MS ride, I need to get out to ride as much as I possibly can. Today went well. After 45 miles at 15.8 mph, I rolled into the driveway, tired but definitely happy tired.

My new handlebar bag from the front and from the side. This is the very first purchase off my list of Need to Get for the ride. Hubby bought it for me for my birthday. The hope is that I will be able to pack it daily with all the things I'll need for the day's ride. It's roomy and has 2 front pockets as well as side pockets. I love, love, love the plastic covered top for my map. Overall, a groovy bag.


Carole said...

Nice blog. You might like this quote about being happy.

JK said...

Thank you, Carole. I do like that quote. Unfortunately, so many of us do make being happy a challenge. I've been working hard to find happiness in all the little things of daily life. Sometimes I lose sight of the happiness that surrounds me, but more often than not, I see it. Thanks for visiting my blog.