Friday, March 9, 2012

Art From A Pawn Shop Bike

For awhile now, inspired by a gift from my sister-in-law, I've been hankering after an old bike to dismantle then use the different parts for art pieces. I finally visited the nearest pawn shop after work yesterday as I knew they had a row of bikes out front. To my delight, I found an old bike with rotted tired. Just what I was looking for. Almost before Hubby had come to a complete stop in the garage, I was out of the truck, unloading the bike, turning it over onto its seat and handlebars, and setting to work.

The first project was to take one of the wheels and turn it into a picture holder. This meant I would have to use tools to loosen the bolts holding the wheels to the frame. I'd already told Hubby he couldn't help. He has a tendency to just take over and do what needs to be done. This is something I wanted to do, so I was going to have to figure out what tools to use. I got to work finding the right fitting wrench. Within just a matter of minutes I had the back wheel off. The front wheel came off even quicker. The only other piece of the bike I wanted for the time being was the chain. That Hubby didn't have a tool for, so after some thought, he grabbed the lopper and cut the chain.

For my first picture holder, I decided to remove the tire. I then drilled holes on the rim to attach the chain which will be used to hang the wheel on the wall. Add pictures and wa-la. Done. As usual, after finishing and stepping back to take a look, I was happy with what I had created but all kinds of "next time I can do this and this and this" started in. Now I'm thinking for the second wheel I can spray paint it white or any number of other colors. I can use one of the pedals as the way to hang it on the wall. I can use the brakes as part of the overall presentation. Several options exist that I just might give a go.
Now I'm working on the next project which involves other parts of the
bike. First, though, I have to visit one of my favorite stores to get the one necessary piece for this project to work. Such a shame I have to spend time browsing amongst so many fun, fun things.

 And the final product . . .
a BTUSFMS key chain!


J said...

That is so cool! And what a way to combine both your creativity and your passions!

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