Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Angel Watching Over Me

Who knew the first week of January I'd be cycling upwards of 100 miles? That's what I call a great way to start off the year. Wednesday I got in 33, Thursday 12, Friday 19, Saturday 33, and today 23. Not a bad week at all. Unfortunately I have to report back to work tomorrow, and with that, I won't be able to get out like I did this week. The weather is supposed to take a turn, as well, so what cycling I'll be doing will be either inside on the trainer or at the rec center on the stationary bike. Unhappy face.

This week's cycling was also the first time I've cycled with a friend. I usually ride alone, so having someone there to chat with and to laugh with showed me cycling with someone can be a lot of fun. Today we rode to a cemetery then to a pub out in the middle of nowhere. We didn't go inside, but we did get a pic of my friend in front of the Bikers' Blvd sign tacked to the side of the establishment. A yellow kitty decided she wanted to be a part of the picture, jumping onto the bench just behind my friend. Silly, little things like this make for fun times and good memories.

Now it's back to the regular scheduled program of writing classes, students, papers, and grading. Funny, Delightful Son and I have agreed we both are going to try and make this a semester like no others--in a very positive, healthy way. He's going to work to keep his grades up and become more involved in his classes. I'm going to try and make my classes a place the students really, truly want to be. For me, this is going to be a challenge as most students come in with a bad attitude about writing, so I'm battling preconceived ideas. But I'm also going to be a little distracted myself with the BTUSFMS always on my mind. I know I need to strike a balance between my job and my excitement about participating in the upcoming ride.

The New Year is starting off great. Maybe my angel has something to do with this . . ..

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