Friday, January 20, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

As I was walking down the stairs at home, getting ready to go shopping, Hubby called to me, asking if I'd seen my profile at Bike the US for MS today. I replied no, to which he said, "You gotta come see this." I turned around and went back upstairs. Looking over his shoulder, I saw my total thus far at $1978. I could feel the silly grin on my face as I scanned the list to see who had made donations to get me to this amount. My grin got as big as it possibly could when I saw there'd been only one donation made--my dream donation of $378, one-tenth of my overall goal. Someone had fulfilled my dream, and that someone was our family dentist.

In just a matter of two days, I went from being at 42% of goal to being at 52%. I am now past halfway because of all the wonderful people in my life. Many, many thanks to you all.

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