Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Immersing Myself in Joyful Activities

Only a few more days remain until I have to report back to work, and so far, I haven't accomplished any of the work-related tasks I wanted to complete during break. On one hand I feel like a slacker for not getting these things done. On the other hand, I've not had the gumption to work on them at all. My mind has been elsewhere. The things I truly want to do are not work related in the least, and since these things are what bring me joy at this moment in my life, I'm going to do them.

Cycling is first and foremost. Being out, feeling the cold air, seeing the bare fields, and not having anything or anyone tugging at me create a peace within that I haven't felt for awhile. Today offered up sun and enough warmth to offset the chilly wind, so I happily accepted an invitation to get out when a friend texted, asking if I was up for a ride. I'd already done 17 miles on the bike at the rec center, but there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to ride on such a beautiful day. Doing so would have been an affront to the cycling gods. I had just gotten a pair of wool socks and shoe covers that needed testing, too, so saying no to a ride invitation would have brought a curse upon the house of JK. In the end, after 16 miles of fun with a friend, my toes were still toasty warm, the cycling gods were very pleased, and so was I.

Playing with my GoPro video camera is another activity that is bringing me a lot of pleasure. I've always enjoyed videography and putting a clip together, especially with music. Being able to combine the cycling with the videography makes for a double whammy for me. Talk about being in heaven! The downside is a lot of time spent wasting away hours on the computer when I could be doing other things . . . like prepping for my spring classes. In the back of my mind is the fact that I've taught the classes so much that I could do it blind-folded and with both arms tied behind my back, so I justify my time creating little clips by saying, "No sweat. It'll get done." I know all the prep work will be finished before the start of classes, but it'll be very last minute and I'll be kicking myself for waiting til the 11th hour.

Joyful activities should be on order every day for everyone. They are what make the tedious chores of our lives sufferable.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I too am a joy rider! I think sometimes true recreation / relaxation requires a bit of procrastination.

JK said...

I saw your post about joy riding! Everything you said about being a motorist used to be me. I still drive, but I do think I'm a much better motorist now that I'm a cyclist, too.