Friday, December 23, 2011

A Granddaughter and Her Mimi

Because Beautiful, Lovely Daughter is in China, she wasn't able to tell her Mimi goodbye. The two were particularly close, and not being able to be here for her Mimi, not being able to tell her she loves her, and not being able to attend her service are causing Beautiful, Lovely Daughter to feel overwhelming sadness. I know she needs a hug. I know she needs a shoulder to cry on. But I'm here and she's there. The best I can do right now is chat with her when it's 6 pm here and 8 am the next day where she is.

Back Yard Show
When my daughter was three or so, I, being the slacker mom that I am most of the time, allowed her to watch Jurassic Park. She loved that movie. She knew all the lines and anytime we had jello for dinner, she would put a glob of it on her spoon then hold it up, get that fear-stricken look on her face, and shake her hand just enough to make the jello wiggle. Her Mimi used to get great pleasure out of her granddaughter's acting. To further hone her skills, Beautiful, Lovely Daughter took her acting to a higher level by creating and performing "Back Yard Shows" a la that big purple dinosaur. Her Mimi would help her put up sheets for backgrounds, make sets out of boxes and other items they could scrounge up, and even narrate some of the program.The two found all kinds of things to do to pass the hours.

Best Buddies
One night Beautiful, Lovely Daughter was sleeping over. Her Mimi thought it would be okay to allow her to have some Mountain Dew. This, combined with watching a movie about werewolves, put her granddaughter into overdrive: "Is the front door locked, Mimi? The werewolves could get in if it isn't. Are all the windows locked, Mimi? The werewolves could come through them if they're not." Her Mimi assured her that yes, the doors and windows were locked. The werewolves wouldn't be able to get in. "Even the upstairs windows, Mimi?" Mimi then told Beautiful, Lovely Daughter the werewolves couldn't get in the upstairs windows because they were too far off the ground. "But they could get a ladder and climb up it and come through the upstairs window, Mimi. Those need to be locked, too." Her Mimi never gave her Mountain Dew again, and scary movies were off limits as well.

Beautiful, Lovely Daughter has so many wonderful memories of times spent with her Mimi. I know she will hold onto them tightly, and over the next days, weeks, months, and years, she will pull them out to help her get past the sadness.

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