Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Giving A Little

Recently I joined a social networking site that's all about giving. I stumbled onto this site while researching MS, and for a good part of an evening I perused the postings, reading about all the different ways people from all different walks of life are giving. My heart swelled with each account of gift giving I read. Feeling like I'd found a home, I joined.

Much like feeling grounded and focused after applying for and being accepted as a cyclist for the Bike the US for MS TRANSAM route summer 2012, being a part of the giving challenge community has given me a way to mindfully walk through my days. I look forward to meeting the challenge every day, and instead of stopping with one gift, I'm constantly thinking about how to make each and every moment of my day a giving moment. While this may not be doable, the thinking about it keeps me in a positive mindset, and the what if's make me search for ways to make the ideas come to fruition.

Today's gift came about as my hair stylist told me about a family facing financial hardship after their son had to be hospitalized for asthma. They have no health insurance, and to pay for his medicine, they returned all the gifts they'd already wrapped and put under the tree. I didn't have much cash on me, but what I did I gave to my stylist to put with the package she was readying to take to the family. My donation was small, but maybe it will help pay for their son's medicine.

It doesn't take much to give a small gift every day. The pleasure that comes from doing so, the smile from the recipient, maybe even a hug, make the giving so worth the time and effort.

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