Friday, October 7, 2011

Today's To-Do List

Make oatmeal for the boys' breakfast--check (I love making sure they have something in their tummies to start the day, and my oldest told me this morning he loves that I fix breakfast for them. Awwwww.).

Grocery shopping--check (and we kept the total below budget. Love it when that happens.).

Buy pumpkins and mums for front porch--check (realized our flag pole and flag were missing; darn college students anyway. Not only do we have to deal with them walking by at all hours of the night, laughing, yelling and even ringing our door bell on occasion, and pulling slats off our fence then throwing them in the street, but now they've taken our flag).

Two loads of laundry and hang out--check (beautiful sun and wind combo made the drying process go by fast today).

Wash the duvet and down comforter and hang out--check (time to pull out the winter ensemble with these cool nights we've been having).

Put clothes away--check (one of my least favorite jobs; just so tedious).

Cut out dead flowers from flower garden and remove wasted from garden--check (I found my wind chime that had been swallowed by morning glory vines!)..

Fix chicken and cheese tortilla tower for dinner--check (yummy; earned me a kiss on the cheek from my youngest).

Sit on back deck to read A Moveable Feast--going now, and don't forget the bottle of Hey Mambo (a Don Sebastiani and Sons sultry red wine that is absolutely delicious).

Yeah, it's been a good day.

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