Monday, October 10, 2011

Riding in a Skirt and With Good Looking Hair

My desire to cycle as much as possible is taking shape. For about two weeks there, the cycling wasn't happening just because of life and the little things that can get in the way. I finally decided that if I'm going to do this, I just need to make it a part of my life and change other areas to suit the cycling. One of those areas is what I wear when I'm cycling. I want to be able to dress nicely for work, but my hybrid isn't really conducive to dress pants, skirts, and dresses. Getting on and off the bike in a skirt might create a rather humorous situation, and because the chain guard is mostly non-existent, my dress pants end up with grease on the pant leg. The answer to my dilemma was hanging in the garage this whole time: my deep blue Town and Country Cruiser, a birthday gift from Hubby several years ago. (Picture at right is the bike I have with a very similar basket, but the picture is of someone else's bike.)

When the light bulb finally went on, I ran out to the garage and pulled my trusty Old Faithful from its hooks and aired up the tires. I snapped the basket onto the front handlebars then stood back just to get a good look at the bike I used to ride then sort of forgot about after getting the hybrid and especially after getting Sweetness. Old Faithful certainly has a place in my cycling life though for a long time I couldn't see it.

Today, I donned a skirt and pretty blouse, and because it's still quite warm for this time of year in central Illinois, I was able to wear sandals. Because Old Faithful is built to allow me to step through, I was able to do all mounting and dismounting with an ample amount of modesty. Once in the saddle, I was good to go and the ride went just fine. The skirt edged up a tad, just enough to show my lovely summer cycling tan, so I do think next time I'll wear spandex shorts underneath just for added mental comfort.

After work, I cycled to my hair appointment. The young woman who cuts and colors my hair loves to play with styling it afterward, and like usual, she went to work curling it and just having some fun. I laughed, telling her she didn't need to as I had ridden my bike. She kept on, saying I was at least going to be riding with good looking hair. After the mile and a half ride home, I had to agree, my hair did look pretty good.

Sometimes it takes awhile to recognize the answer to a problem. I'm just glad my answer was here all along.

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J said...

That is totally awesome! Remembering the bike, and riding with a skirt and cute hair. :)