Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Making It Happen

Since last Thursday, I've cycled every day: commuting to work, going to the grocery store, to the nursery to get pumpkins, to the coffeehouse to write, even to my hair appointment. I'm beginning to figure out this bicycle transportation only thing.

Monday, on my way home from work, I was cycling along the trail and was stunned with the number of squirrels out. The mother earth part of my psyche thinks the cold is on the way judging from all the activity. I got to laughing after almost running over a squirrel carrying a black walnut in its mouth, that all the sudden decided it didn't want to run alongside me and tried to cross in front. The little varmint came within a whisker of getting squished. It realized it's predicament, dropped its nut, and turned away to scurry off into the grass. When I rode around a curve just a few feet beyond, I met a man walking a dog. The dog was carrying a frisbee in its mouth and seemed very content with how silly it looked.

Today, the rain started right when I left campus. All day long, I looked out, wondering if the 50% chance of rain was really going to tip and become 100%. All day long, nothing. Then, when I walked out to Old Faithful, I realized raindrops were dotting the sidewalk. As soon as I hit the trail, the rain came harder. Most of the ride was through a gentle shower. While I didn't get soaked, I was wet enough to have to change when I got home.

This weekend, the plan is to get some wet weather gear. And I think I'll take a change of clothes to the office just in case I get caught unprepared. Probably not a bad idea to have that back up just in case.

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