Friday, July 8, 2011

Nothing a Kiddie Pool Can't Cure

Today, after a bit of a stressful phone call from my dad, after settling down in front of the computer at work to try and get something done, I just couldn't find it in me to be productive right then and there. I texted Hubby, asking him to come get me after only being at work for a half-hour. He was there in no time. He knows me so well and could tell I had reached my near bursting point. I had decided I didn't care if I ended up with the shape of a band-aid outlined on my cheek, I was going to slap one on to cover the scab and head out for a ride. Hubby said he would join me for a slow, easy 25 miler.

Before we returned home to gear up, we stopped by my favorite cycling shop. I drooled over the Madone 4.5, talking with one of the shop guys about it, then checked out some new cycling shoes. I had picked out a pair that look like tennis shoes but have recessed clips that allow for walking. I thought these might be perfect for the long rides I do. Unfortunately, the shop didn't have my size in stock. Since our rather small city is blessed by having several cycling shops, we hopped in the truck and headed over to my second favorite cycling oasis. There I found a pair of cycling shoes I absolutely fell in love with, and even though this shop didn't have my size in stock either, I went ahead and ordered them. These shoes are about $15 cheaper than the ones from the first shop, so I saved some money. I like saving money.

By this time, I was starting to feel the stress dissolving some. Perhaps it was the act of buying something I've been wanting for a while now, or maybe it was being with my best friend in the whole world who always makes me laugh even when I feel like crying. Whatever it was, I could feel the last few days slipping away and not mattering like they had at the time. We returned home, had lunch, then geared up for our ride. After positioning the band-aid on my cheek, slathered suntan lotion all over the rest of my face, neck and shoulders, I was giddy with the thought of getting out.

Twenty-five miles later, Hubby and I pulled into the driveway. We parked the bikes, took off our gear, then jumped into the little 12' x  36" pool the kids bought with their allowance money, each contributing an equal share. Within seconds, the boys were on the deck, eager to join us in our silliness. For the next hour or so, we played in the cold water. And life is once again on an even keel.

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