Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Getting Back in the Groove

The Tour was downright ugly today. I found it difficult to watch at the end when the peloton was taking that last sharp curve. I was certain another wipeout was in the makings. Thankfully, all the cyclists managed to stay upright and headed towards the finish line. The couple cyclists who went down, one a RadioShack member who is out of the Tour for good, and another from Quick Step who got back on his bike but was definitely injured and didn't catch up to the group, showed guts and determination. I loved that my two boys were sitting with me, watching the cyclists dig deep to finish off this stage of the Tour, and cheering for the guys right through the finish line.

I can tell my mental state is much better today. Though the cheek is a bit swollen and hurts, I'm determined to ignore it and go about my day, getting things accomplished. So far, I've managed to gather some information my boss asked for, gotten a good start on a brochure for one of the programs at work, and started a proposal for a presentation at a national conference in February. I also opened and read an email containing a rejection for a short story I sent out a few months ago--win some, lose some. And now I'm going to take that very same story and send it to another market. The one piece of advice the publisher at the writers conference kept pushing was if a story is rejected, turn right around and send it out to another magazine. Don't revise it, don't let it sit around, just send it right back out. I'm going to give that a go and see what happens.

A Dailymile friend suggested I set up my bike on the trainer to get in some miles. Doh! Why didn't I think of that? Though it'll be incredibly hot in the garage, I think I shall do just that and ride for an hour or two. I know being stationary, not having the beautiful scenery to enjoy will make for a boring ride, but any ride will be better than none, even a trainer ride in a dark, hot garage.

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