Friday, July 1, 2011

First Week of 200+ Miles

Thanks to the century ride Sunday, I have been able to log more than 200 miles this week. So far, 227 miles, and I still have tomorrow to add more. A mere 73 miles will give me 300, so . . . ..

Small town park: ready for July 4th
Today I went west to a small town I've been to once before. Instead of heading south once I arrived, I continued on, going further west, the farthest I've ever gone, reaching the county line. I could see another small town in the distance, so I cruised along, deciding it would be my turn-around point. Small, sleepy summer towns are the best, and this one didn't disappoint. I pulled into the park near the grain elevator to call Hubby and let him know where I was, and to drink some water.

Old Elevator
From there I rode south about a mile, finding what looked like the perfect road to start the ride back home. This five or six mile stretch took me to a town I've been to several times before, and I was right about the road--it was perfect. No traffic, smooth, mostly flat. Couldn't have asked for a better stretch given the fact that the wonderful county in which I live has decided all the rural roads need a layer of pebbles laid down. They call it tar and chip paving. I call it a pain in the rear. Because of the way the process works, the pebbles are loose for quite a while, until enough cars have driven on them to smash them into the tar so they become one hard surface again. This is rough on road bikes and dangerous for riders.

One of my fave rest stops
Despite the irritation with some of the roads, I got in a great ride of 52 miles today. I noticed the fatigue from Sunday has disappeared. Around mile 45 I was considering extending the ride, heading south again and looping around to come in from the east, but then I thought it'd be nice to get home, shower, and just chill the rest of the day. And that's exactly what I've done. Definitely a good Friday.


J said...

I am constantly amazed by your strength and resolve. Bravo!

John Romeo Alpha said...

They eventually phased out chip seal paving here, not because of the problems for cyclists, but because of the damage to car windshields. Great looking ride! How many miles can she ride...