Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Desk

For many years now, I've not had a desk of my own at home. When I was using a laptop, I would simply sit on the couch or at the dining room table or in the hammock swing and work. Once I switched over to a desktop, I needed a space, especially with having two monitors (which I love, love, love!). Since December, I've been using the part of the desk my husband fashioned, taking what was the L-shape piece from his desk and moving it to create one long piece against the wall of the office.

The space works though it is very cramped. The space works though it means I have to be in the same room with my husband at times since his computer is at the other end of the desk. The space works. But . . ..

Sunday, I bought my own desk. A mammoth, bit beat up wood desk. Seven drawers. A pull-out shelf on each side.

Lots of space.

For my computer. For my drafts. For my books.

Lots of space.

To doodle. To sketch. To jot down ideas when they strike.

To create.

The desk is nestled under two large windows in my bedroom at the house I will begin living in next week. The windows face west, so late afternoon and evening sunshine will spill across the marred surface.

This afternoon, after work, I plan to take a bouquet of lilacs to place on the desk.

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