Sunday, April 30, 2017

Moving On

I've begun moving into the new place. My method is to fill a laundry basket with things to take over, and since I've only done one full basket once a day for the last two days, the move is going to be slow. So far, I've taken over a few towels, some books, my favorite quilt, and a picture of Lovely Beautiful Daughter when she was three or four. Oh, and I also took an old oak dining chair I'd found on the curb a couple of years ago and spray painted black. It has a leather seat and is just kind of fun.

I had decided I want sheer curtains for the windows in my bedroom. I've not had curtains at any windows for the last thirteen years. Shades, but no curtains. The desire to do something different spurred me to try and find some lovely panels to add a soft touch to the room. I went thrifting yesterday and found two pairs of lace panels. I couldn't believe my luck. When I'd been looking at panels online, I had resigned myself to paying upwards of $30 for a pair. For the two sets from the thrift store, I shelled out just over $10. After buying the rods and hardware for hanging the curtains, I spent less than $25. And I'm completely happy with the result.

When I stood back and looked at the window over the desk, I couldn't help but smile. While I didn't get my bouquet of lilacs for the desk (all the lilacs were on their way out when I went to pick some), I did find a bouquet of purple tulips. I can see myself spending a lot of time at that desk. Especially if I put a couple of bird feeders on the pine trees that are just beyond the windows.

My bed is en route. It is scheduled to arrive between tomorrow and Thursday. Once I receive it, I will begin staying at the house on a regular basis. Me and Ado. Funny Delightful son will begin moving in next week. Angel Baby will move over after graduation at the end of May. Lovely Beautiful Daughter is scheduled to join us just after mid-June. I find it interesting how when we arrived here eighteen years ago, it was the four of us. The kids were quite young and we lived in a two bedroom apartment. I remember our year in that apartment like it was yesterday. Now, the kids are adults, yet they are happy to return to it being just the four of us. I feel like I'm being given a priceless gift.

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