Monday, January 21, 2013

Three Wooden Chairs

The other day I walked around the block to check out some fresh curbside trash, hoping to find something, anything, that might be my next trash to treasure project. I returned home with nothing. Quite disappointing. Today, while I was making chocolate chip cookies to satisfy the craving for chocolate chip cookie dough that attacked me with a vengeance while I was sitting on the couch, watching the last episode in the latest season of Bedlam, I looked out the window over the kitchen sink and saw what seemed to be wooden chairs. Those weren't there earlier, I thought. I put the first batch of cookies into the oven, pulled on my coat, scarf, and gloves, then walked the two blocks to check out the chairs.

Three wooden chairs. Jackpot! These would be the beginnings of my garden party table and chairs project I've been wanting to get started on. How lucky could I be? I stacked the two oak chairs and hoisted them up to carry home. A gentleman placing his trash out for tomorrow's pickup said hello and asked how I was. I smiled, saying I was just fine, thanks. "You got some treasures there?" he asked. I nodded, saying, "Yeah, I think I do." As I neared the edge of our property, Lovely Beautiful Daughter came around the fence and smiled.

Curbside chairs--these are not trash!
"I see you've found a new project," she said. She took one of the chairs and walked to the garage with me, helping me get them inside. She'd come downstairs to find me, and when she saw me through the kitchen window, she'd put on her coat to come help carry the chairs. I told her of my garden party plans, and she liked the idea of brightly painted chairs. There's just something truly happy about sitting in a brightly painted dinner table chair.

I am wondering if painting the oak chairs would be considered a horrible thing. They are kind of pretty just the way they are. Maybe a couple of colorful seat pads is all they need.

Thank you whoever put the chairs on the curb. They're exactly what I've been looking for.


Penny said...

But did the cookies come out ok? lol! I also have a hard time painting wood...but I have seen some beautifully painted! Can't wait to see these finished!

JK said...

LOL! Yes, the cookies were exactly what I needed. Definitely fulfilled the cookie dough monster's need. I'm really looking forward to the paint job. Should be fun.

0s0-Pa said...

Nice looking chairs. Are any of them teak chairs or are they made from oak?

Kevins Glenne said...

These chairs looks nice. I myself always like wooden chairs for my own use. Many people don’t like wood furniture as those are antic, but think wood furniture make room more beautiful than metal furniture.

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