Friday, January 4, 2013

One Short Ride, Two Longer Walks

We've had some chilly, windy days this week. Thankfully, the sun has been shining some, too, enough to spur me to get out for a couple of walks. I tried to ride my bike on Wednesday, but our street is still so slick with ice from our New Year's Eve winter storm that I did one lap and called it quits. The front tire slipped to the left once, making my heart beat a little faster, so that's all I needed to park the bike back in the garage.

The walks, though, have been good. I made the three-quarters of a mile walk to the grocery store yesterday to get dinner fixings. I used my pink backpack to carry my goods home, and since there wasn't anything terribly heavy, the three-quarters of a mile walk home went smoothly. While at the store, I decided to splurge on a $5 scratch-off lotto ticket. I don't play very often. I'm too uptight about spending money on nothing. Lately, though, the luck has been pretty good, ever since Hubby bought a $5 ticket on our way out of town in November, when I rode the Gravel Grovel. We won $100 and used it to pay for our hotel. He then bought another one just before Christmas. Again, we whooped it up over a $100 winner. He gave me half of that winnings and used the other half for more scratch off tickets. We kept winning little amounts--$2, $10, $20. I decided to buy one yesterday just for fun (see what winning even just a little bit does to a person's psyche?) and stuck it in my coat pocket to scratch off after I got home. When all of the groceries were put away, I pulled the ticket out. Though it wasn't a $100 winner, I did win $10, doubling my money. I'm okay with that.

Today I walked the half-mile to the thrift store, hoping to find a pair of good winter boots. With it being a week and some days after Christmas, I figured someone may have gotten a new pair as a gift and sent their old but still decent pair to the thrift store. Not so lucky in this department. In fact, the whole store was kind of depressing. No treasures at all.

Come Monday, I have to return to work. I've been thinking about how I'm going to get myself there if the roads are still icy. Since I don't have to be there as early as last semester, I'm considering walking the 3 miles. Lovely Beautiful Daughter thinks 3 miles is too far for walking. I believe her words were, "Mom, that's even crazier than cycling to work." I'm kind of digging the idea of walking to work, though. I definitely would  not need to visit the dreaded gym or the treadmill in the garage if I made this trek each day. I see a win-win here.

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Samantha @ said...

The walking could be great .. as long as you feel safe. 3 miles will go pretty fast actually. Go for it!