Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dinner Disaster

I know Hubby meant well in making the decisions he did for our dinner this evening, but the meal we just finished was probably the most disappointing one I've had in a long, long time. Because I try to eat sensibly for breakfast and lunch, I really look forward to topping off the day with a good, healthy meal that makes me feel like I've accomplished what I set before me in regards to food and my health. I admit, I veer off the healthy foods path far more often than I like, and that's why the last meal of the day is so important to me. Tonight, that still-bleeding, three inches thick hunk of meat with all that fat running through it, well, let's just say the dog enjoyed it. I felt immense sadness as I walked away from the table after only eating a sweet potato and a piece of birthday cake made for Angel Baby who turned 14 today, and now my mind is in anguish over not having eaten a healthy meal. This evening's dinner ended up being one of those moments that can't be taken back. There's no do-over.

To get my mind off the suffering it is experiencing, I'm going to go shopping. I have a list of foods I need for my healthy foods pantry and fridge, and I think walking the aisles, putting veggies, fruits and fish into the cart are exactly what I need to move past this painful event. See, just thinking about the shopping is making my mind slow itself, move away from the tragedy that was dinner.


Cathy said...

You could do worse than a sweet potato :)

Randall Brison said...

Yep, sweet potatoes aren't bad. Go easy on us men. I was a rigid health nut at different times in my life, and sometimes I let that get in the way of relationship -- not that you have to eat everything someone prepares for you. That said, your writing is stimulating, as always.

Denise and I have thought about you and yours regularly, especially since Todd and Kate were married Oct. 13, 2012. Getting ready for the wedding -- collecting pictures, especially -- brought back memories. You came to our place at least once to eat. (Can't remember if netiquette requires I refrain from mentioning other names, so I won't.) Can we count the Black Pig Party? That would be twice -- still have those pictures in my head and somewhere in a box.

Todd and Kate will graduate from ETSU in May, God willing. (BTW, I now have a red-headed daughter -- one thing I always wanted. :)

Ian is a junior at TTU, which gives us an excuse to visit Cookeville regularly. Works out well for a long weekend trip to Johnson City and back. He likes it there and is growing up more like his father than his mother, which means he is meandering along. I will say he'll probably have an undergraduate degree in about half the time it took me.

I finished a novel. It's not the worst I've ever read, not the best, but it's finished. What a joy to be able to say that! I was working on number 2, but not for several weeks now -- got to get back in the saddle and persevere like my good friend JK. :)

JK said...

I love sweet potatoes, so of the entire meal, I was thankful to at least have that.

Todd is married!? Congrats to him and Kate. How's Denise doing with the empty nest?

Can I read your novel? I'd love to. What an accomplishment to have finished one. Go you!

Remember how we'd get together and share our writing? Those were good times. I learned a lot from you.