Friday, June 15, 2012

Smiling. A Lot.

Though it's only Day 15, Day 1 seems so far away now. However, at the same time, the days seem to be slipping by incredibly quickly. This juxtaposition of long time ago/time passing quickly is due, in part I think, to riding to a new "home" every day. New scenery,new people, new happenings--like a St. Bernard laying in wait to attack each cyclist riding by--make each day its own adventure.

Today has particular significance to me and several of my family members. On June 15, 1957 my dad married my mom. Today marks their 55th wedding anniversary. As I rode along today, I thought about how my parents had such a special relationship. They definitely were part of the lucky ones who found their soulmate. Same goes for my sister. Today is her and her husband's 30th wedding anniversary. They, too, are soulmates, and when you see them together, listen to their banter, you know they love and care deeply for each other.

One thing I'm doing a lot of during the ride is thinking. What else is there to do when riding along at 14 mph? I'm finding peace through the thinking: over Mom's suffering and subsequent passing away, and over some curve balls that have been thrown my way the last couple of years. Anger at these curve balls had been festering for quite a while, and I know now it's time to let the anger go. I have no control over the curve balls. I can swat at them all I want, but I'll never hit them. I'm not that good of a baseball player.

Through these two weeks, the tears have lessened, the anger has dissipated, and I'm finding joy in each moment of each day. The fawn still sporting its spots, running along side the road as we passed, the fox hightailing it up the road in front of us, the blue birds and the gold finches flitting across the fields, and the mist rising from the hills in the mornings all give me reason to smile. So I'm smiling. A lot.

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