Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Carbondale Rest Day

Ahhhhh. Rest day. Finally. I realized yesterday around mile 45 just how much I needed the rest day. I was tired. Each hill that loomed in front of me seemed endless and my thoughts were all negative. I realized I was being negative, but no matter what I tried, like saying, "Hey, look, what a beautiful pastoral scene" or "Was that dead snake a rattlesnake? Sure looked like one to me" didn't take my mind of the route that seemed to be one hill after another. And the grades at times sucked anything remotely positive right out each and every pore of my body. I even entertained the thought of getting off the bike and pushing it up one of the steeper hills. The horror! Yep, a rest day was sorely needed.

So today, I'm resting. With my boys. In a cool hotel room. Watching mindless TV. And eating Arby's. Or Sonic. And Twizzlers. First a nap. Then the pool.

 Rest is good.

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