Friday, June 1, 2012


And the journey begins. Day one is finished after cycling 63 miles, leaving Yorktown just before 9 am and finding the Willis United Methodist Church around 2:30 or so. Rolling past wetlands and wheat fields, through Colonial Williamsburg and on to historic Jamestown, I tried to enjoy the scenery. I've found myself bored with my central Illinois routes, so I've been looking forward to new territory. Today, though, for quite a few miles, all I did was cry. I'd get myself together only to find the tears ready to fall again not long after drying them.

Around mile 10, another BTUSFMS cyclist pulled up alongside, and we began to chat. She and I rode together for most of the ride. Being distracted helped keep my mind off the sadness threatening to well up. At the rest stops, I made sure to hang with a group to hear their stories and laugh over the silly things already going on, like Andy from England grabbing an American flag while riding through Colonial Williamsburg and amusing the people there by riding straight down the middle of one of the streets, the flag streaming back behind him. The others' stories definitely helped me find some happiness in cycling today.

Tomorrow, we ride over 80 miles. Weather is supposed to be favorable. Hills are supposed to be minimal. Should be a good day.

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John Romeo Alpha said...

Congratulations on getting started, have a great journey!!