Monday, June 11, 2012


After ten days in Virginia, we said good-bye to what has to be one of the most beautiful States in the entire country. The hills, the landscape, the flowers, the wildlife, the creeks, everything adds up to create a truly gorgeous place. While I'm a little sad to wave so long, Virginia, I am happy to be getting closer to Illinois where I'll see my boys. I miss them something fierce. I knew I would miss them, but the degree of missing them has surprised me. I wake up in the middle of the night and start wondering what they've been doing and if they're staying busy, keeping themselves happy. I think about the evenings we spent sitting on the couch, me sandwiched between the two boys as we watch an episode of "Supernatural." I think about piling into the car and going to get ice cream at Gene's. I think about their hugs they gave me when I started out on the ride June 1. After talking to them last evening, after they had just walked out of the movie theater and hearing how much fun they had, I know they're getting along just fine. Still, I miss them. Tonight we're in Hindman, KY. It's a small place, so looks like the corner gas station/food mart is the place to find dinner. After the greasy good burger I scarfed at Fat Daddy's, I'm okay with whatever I find at the food mart. It certainly won't be a salad or grilled chicken, but then again, I burned upwards of 3500 calories today. I can afford to eat some junk.

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