Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sitting in Lincoln

Ughhh. No cycling for the last four days! Not only have I failed with the 30 days of biking, but I'm way behind now on training for BTUSFMS. Being a grown up with responsibilities bites sometimes.

So, I'm sitting in the Lincoln, Nebraska airport, waiting to board and head to Chicago then home. Rain is splattering against the large picture windows in front of me. Lightning is flashing. The wind is blowing (imagine that!). I'm trying not to watch the weather channel that continually loops the same doppler radar showing even stronger storms headed this way. Obviously Nature didn't get the memo that I need to be home. Today.

Not that the last few days here have been bad. They haven't. In fact, I've completely enjoyed the stay, getting to know my colleagues from other two year colleges that make up our region. We all went out last night after the board meeting and raised our glasses to one another. A group of middle aged English teachers in a retro bar, drinking Stella Artois, makes for a fun time.

But I want to go home now. Now I want to sit in my office and write. I have some ideas that are swirling and pushing at me. My newest read, A Blue Fire by James Hillman, is exactly what I needed to get me into the that space I need to be to put words on the page. I'm completely enthralled with how he presents the idea of "soul." I feel like his ideas are what I've been searching for for many years. I'm thankful I found him.

But now, one flight has just been canceled. I'm afraid ours is next.

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