Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Filling the Cubby

On Saturday, I went back to Wild Country to buy the sleeping pad I first looked at in January. With less than 60 days remaining before the ride begins, I figure I better start gathering the things I need. The sleeping pad was my first purchase. After four to six hours in the saddle each day, getting a good night's sleep will be important, and I want to make sure I have the one thing that will help ensure I get the sleep I need. The pad I bought is self inflating, which is very cool, so I won't have to sit and blow it up every evening. All I'll have to do is roll it out and let it do its thing.

After the trip to Wild Country, I went across the street to Vitesse Cycle and bought a new helmet. The helmet I have is fine, but after researching helmets and what makes one better than another, I decided to invest in a road cycling style helmet. It was a bit more expensive than the helmet I've been wearing (which came from a large, multi-sport, one-size-fits-all kind of place), and when looking at both helmets side by side, it's fairly clear the more expensive helmet is a better product. Hopefully, I'll not have to find out just how protective it is made to be.

Along with the helmet, I bought a new pair of gloves. My old gloves are just plain nasty. And worn out. They have lots of miles on them, along with lots of snot. No amount of washing can help them. My boys laughed when they saw the new helmet and gloves; they are color coordinated with my bike. Delightful Funny Son asked if I have a jersey to go along with the bike, helmet, and gloves. Of course, I told him. What kind of stylin' cyclist would I be without a complete matching outfit? He just rolled his eyes at me.

To help me begin getting a feel for how to pack my belongings, Hubby made me a mock cubby. Having the cubby right there in the dining room where I can see it every day is making the BTUSFMS ride even more of a reality. At this point I only have the sleeping pad and a Starbucks gift card in it, but I'm sure it'll start filling up over the next several weeks.

Next on the list of things for the cubby: a one-man tent and a sleeping bag.

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Samantha said...

A lighter weight helmet is worth every penny when you're wearing it day after day!