Friday, April 27, 2012

Good News and More Good News

Good News! At the insistence of my hubby, I made an appointment to get a physical to make sure I'm in good enough shape to go on the ride this summer. After the usual question/answer session, the weight and blood pressure check, the "take a deep breath" routine, and the pressing on the belly to see if anything hurts, Doc looked at me and said, "I see absolutely no reason why you shouldn't do this ride. Give it all you've got." I hopped off the exam table and skipped out to the check-out desk.

More Good News! My total donations to date is now $6166. I am constantly in awe of how generous and thoughtful everyone has been. With 34 days remaining til day 1 of BTUSFMS, I'm now wondering if I can get the total up to $7000. I have some ideas in mind for trying to get some more donations, and with the semester winding down which is opening up more time for me, I think I'll give some of these ideas a whirl to see what happens.

The days are slipping by. Before I know it, June 1 will be here and I'll be on my way out of Yorktown. Just thinking this made the butterflies flutter.

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