Sunday, February 26, 2012

Someone Nudged

Biking the Us for Mom

I don't know who, but someone nudged the total donations to BTUSFMS past the $5000 mark. Officially, as of around 10:00 this morning, the total donations made now stands at $5001. I truly wish I knew who the donor was, as well as all the other anonymous donors, so I could thank him/her properly. Not being able to offer a more personal thank you just doesn't seem right. But I understand the desire to remain unknown.

To all of you who have donated, anonymous as well as known, your thoughtfulness and generosity have touched not only my life but all those living with MS. I'll never be able to describe the feeling that fills me when I see the total continue to go up, or the feeling I get when a person suffering from MS shakes my hand and says, "Thank you for what you're doing." I can't take all the credit, though. None of this would be happening without all of you.

I just wish I'd made the decision to do the ride, to encourage people to donate to MS research, to raise awareness of MS while Mom was alive. Part of me thinks she's the one doing the nudging--nudging me to nudge others. She always was persistent like that.

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