Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Long Week

Whew! I can't remember a time when I was so happy to have a week end. Nothing horrible happened. I was just so busy mentally each day that by Friday afternoon, my brain was mush. This resulted from canceling classes and doing individual student conferences. Take 85 students who come in for a twenty minute conference and you get a full day of interacting that begins at 8 am and ends at 5 pm. By the time I got home in the evenings, all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and not think. Training didn't happen either. I thought about getting on the bike each evening, but I just couldn't find the energy to do it. So a week went by with no training hours or mileage.

And that's why this morning I only lasted 30 minutes doing the AMGEN DVD. My heart was pounding after the second interval, and the tell-tale signs of heading towards dizziness was setting in. After last Sunday's awesome training ride at the high school, with no problems keeping my heart rate up or keeping my cadence up, this morning's ride was a complete disappointment. This is what happens, though, when no rides happen for a week. Not to mention the wine . . . which always zaps me of energy the day after drinking it. Lesson learned.

I really like the AMGEN DVD and will continue working on getting through it. It's not going to be something that happens soon, as I noticed several differences between Carmichael's training and my own. Carmichael's "easy" is my moderate. Carmichael's moderate is my "max." I definitely have some stepping up to do if I'm going to be able to complete the entire workout, but I already knew I needed to kick my training up a notch or two. I know I can do it if I stick with it; after all, I did manage 30 minutes of it today. Not a complete failure anyway.

The highlight of the week came last night when Hubby and I went to Merlot and a Masterpiece (which is where the wine came in). We painted and drank wine and mingled with the other painter wannabees. As I sat there brushing on the red fenders and adding in some black on the chain guard, I thought about how painting a picture of a bike was a perfect way to end a long week.

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