Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Mind in Fantasy Land

I keep telling the family that once I reach San Fran on August 1st I'm going to turn north and head up the pacific coast, into Canada, up to Alaska, catch a ferry to Russia, and keep on going. They think I'm kidding. Though I know in real life I can't, in fantasy land the notion to leave it all behind to explore the world from a bike makes perfect sense.

The desire to make the fantasy reality just keeps getting stronger every day, most likely because all of my free time is spent reading about people who have traveled the world via bicycle or who are currently doing so, like Erin who writes ErinsWorldBike. She started out when she was 18 and is still going. My increasing desire could also be a result of checking out one-man tents, air pads, sleeping bags, and other camping equipment, all of which I need for my summer adventure. I'm enjoying comparing brands and talking to people who know the differences between the choices, like the awesome guys at WildCountry. They showed me the air pad I had seen online and was considering buying, but now I know for sure I'm getting it since they took the time to show me how it works and what the benefits are. They also gave me some great ideas for what I should definitely take to make the trip smoother, more comfortable. I can't wait to go back to the store in March to check out their new stock of tents, air pads, and sleeping bags.

For now I'm just going to have to breathe deep and try to keep life balanced. This is a real challenge as I'm consumed by the excitement, the fear, the joy, the pain, and so many other feelings swirling through me at the thought of what I'm going to be doing come June 1st. I truly have never felt before what I'm feeling with each day that passes, putting me closer to the day I start out to ride across America.

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