Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Slipping Away

The cycling season is slowly heading towards the day when the bike will be hung up for the winter months. Tree leaves are beginning to show signs of going from green to red or yellow. The corn stands brown and dried, some fields already harvested. Woolly caterpillars inch their way across the roads. The geese gather in strange places: a school yard, a bare soy bean field. And the wind seems to never cease.

The calendar shows fall nearing, ready to go shoulder to shoulder against summer and push it out of the way. Summer tries to carry on, with warm days, zinnias still in bloom. Fall has the upper hand, though, bringing earlier sunsets, cooler nights, later sunrises, and morning ground mists.

Cycling through these days I feel summer slipping away.


John Romeo Alpha said...

These warm days slip inexorably away and I'm not happy about it but what can you do? I do look forward to a crazy post this winter when you pull the bike down off the wall in the depths of an arctic freeze and go for a ride just to show winter who's boss.

JK said...

I hope I have the guts to actually take that ride during those bone-chillin' days of winter. It'll all depend on the snow.