Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Knew The Garmin Was Playing With Me

During my last long walk, the Garmin showed that I'd expended over 1500 calories during a 5.5 mile walk. I knew this was bogus but being the numbers junkie I am, I played along and did the boogie woogie over the large number of calories supposedly burned. My most recent walk, 6.7 miles, a whole 1.2 miles farther than the previous walk, showed only 800+ calories burned. Half of the previous walk. Ahh, well, better than no calories at all.

Today is a rainy day, so most likely no long walk. This might actually be a good time to get the treadmill and trainer set up again, for days like today, when being outside isn't conducive to a happy, productive walk. Hubby bought another membership at the rec center for the semester, but I'm determined not to do this. While I thoroughly enjoyed going during the spring semester, I've decided to go another route: using the equipment I already have right here at home and the natural jungle gym beyond my front door.

I have a weight bench, bands, treadmill, trainer, and an apparatus for doing pull ups, leg lifts, and other exercises. I also have workout DVDs that kick my rear end. When the urge to go outside hits, I can walk/jog without feeling afraid, even after dark, since I live in a safe area. What more do I need? Sure, during sub zero temps I'll be wishing for the toasty warm rec center, but many cultures have adapted to cold weather: Eskimos, Icelanders, Greenlanders, and Scandinavians to name a few. I, too, can adapt. And in the process, I can save some money, but even more importantly, I can create memories from my time exploring the winter world around me, something that can't be done inside a rec center.

That's the plan. I'm looking forward to seeing how things go, and if I break down and end up at the rec center, I'll humbly hang my head and admit I'm not as tough as I think I am.

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