Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Already?

My epic walk on Monday left me with a blister on each of my feet, both exactly in the same place near the heel. These aren't just run of the mill blisters; they're ginormous. The one on my right foot is the bigger of the two, and yesterday evening I was in some major pain. I've had blisters before, and none of them ever hurt like the one I have now. The slightest pressure on the skin near the blister was painful as well. I was fearing it was becoming infected. As soon as I got home (we were at football practice with my youngest), I dabbed triple antibiotic ointment on it and took a couple of pain relievers. An hour later, the pain was nearly gone. Today, the pain is there, but it's much less than what I was dealing with last evening. I've not had to take any pain relievers today, so hopefully whatever it was is on the mend.

With it now being August--can you believe it?--the last couple of days I've been mulling over my goals for the summer. At this point, I've nearly completed one of the two goals. The second still has quite a bit required to call it finished. I can't truly say I did what I set out to do over the summer, but the first goal, a collection of short stories, is in good shape. I could call it finished, but I see areas I want to work on, and I have two more ideas taking shape, adding two more stories to the collection. I finished one of the stories while I was staying with my mom, and at this point, the latest story is my favorite of them all. Like the other stories in the collection, the ending leaves it open for the reader to determine what happens, and when Hubby read it after I returned home, he flat out didn't like the ending. I think it bothers his sensibilities. And that's what I want--I want the reader to be bothered.

My second goal is still very much in its infancy, so I'm just going to keep plugging away at it. The moment it's finished, I'll share.

In between all the cycling, work, and family time, I guess I did okay with my goals. I know I let my garden go unattended. It looks withered and completely neglected. I harvested exactly one green pepper, a handful of pole beans, two servings of snap peas, three cucumbers, and several onions. The herbs are doing fine, but the zucchini, the watermelon, and both the bush and pole beans have not done well at all. On top of these veggies dying on the vine (literally, even though I watered and weeded), the tomatoes have brown calluses on them--every single one of them. My lovely daughter commented just the other day about how last year my garden was gorgeous and this year not so much. I agree. I tended it through June then let it go. Next summer the garden will receive much more attention.

Like so many seasons, I've been caught by surprise at how quickly these last two months have gone by, but I can look back and smile over how my days were spent. I've definitely had a lot of fun this summer.

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