Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ride Finds

Went out for a shorter ride today to shake out the legs and to just enjoy the time available. Some fatigue from yesterday's hilly ride, but in general, I felt pretty good. Just ambling along made the ride all the more enjoyable, though all the rides I take are truly enjoyable. Even the hilly ones.

Sometimes when I'm out, I find treasures. Not too long ago, I found a droid cell phone on the shoulder of the road. I slipped it into my jersey pocket, and when I got home I pulled it out to show Hubby. He took it, pushed the on button, and within minutes he had the owner's husband on the line. Seems the phone's owner had laid the phone on the bumper of the truck she was using to haul wood and forgotten to remove it before driving the truck. About an hour after talking to the husband, the wife showed up at our door, ready to pay us for finding her phone and calling to return it. We declined the money, saying we were just happy to help.

Today, I was rolling along, not really thinking about anything in particular when I saw a tripod on the shoulder. The legs were fully extended, so it was an easy item to see. I stopped to check it out. Though it's not an expensive model, the tripod is in good shape, appearing nearly new. I considered just setting it up a little further off the shoulder, thinking the owner may retrace his/her steps to see if he/she could find the tripod, but then I thought what if someone besides the owner sees it and takes it. I really didn't know what to do. I left it next to a gate close to where I found it, hoping it would be gone when I rode back by. It wasn't. I decided to slip it down into my one open water bottle holder and bring it on home. I still may take it back out to the location and set it up just off the shoulder.

Other things I've seen but not picked up are needle-nosed pliers, a small bungee cord, a large bungee cord, a stainless steel fork, and a package of red plastic cups. I've seen an assortment of other things over the months, but I don't have a real good way of carrying things unless they can slip into one of my jersey pockets. I had the thought that I might start picking up the smaller things and using them to create a found-item piece of art. That could be a lot of fun.

Maybe tomorrow during the century ride I'll be able to find a few items to stash in my jersey pockets. These could get me started on the art project. If I don't find anything, that'll be okay, too. Less I have to carry around all day.

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John Romeo Alpha said...

Yesterday I saw an intact fan belt from a car on the street, near a busy corner. Do they just fall off? Didn't the motorist notice something different? Sometimes these found objects present interesting puzzles. Like your tripod. I would do the same as you did if I found a working cell phone, it's the right thing to do.