Monday, August 1, 2011

Scratching the Walk Itch

With it being the first of August, and since I rode over 140 miles Saturday and Sunday, I decided to welcome the new month with a walk. The last time I had my tennis shoes on was sometime back in May, I think, so lacing them up felt a bit strange. My feet were wondering what the heck as I have been barefoot or wearing flip-flops since spring. I gathered up my Garmin and cell phone, and set off to see just how far the local trail extended to the east.

About a half mile into the walk, I looked at the Garmin. It showed my speed, but nothing else was registering. After a couple of steps I realized I'd not pushed the start button. You'd think that three weeks into using the darn thing I'd remember to do this when I begin a ride or a walk. Hopefully, I'll not forget the next time I go out, but knowing me, I probably will.

I started out later this morning than I usually like to. To be honest, I hadn't decided to walk until after getting up, and I didn't get up until much later than I usually do. Today was supposed to be a rest day or a low-key workout day, but the bug to walk bit me. I had to scratch the itch the bite caused. I figured since I didn't have anything else on the calendar for today, I could find out just how far it was to walk from my house to the end of the trail heading east. I found out it's around 5.8 miles. By the time I was done, the Garmin read 11.05 miles, and adding in the part I missed because of not pushing the start button gives me right around 11.60 miles. Not a bad day's walk.

The trail I took also goes north, south, and west, so I have four more walks to take to see how far each direction will take me. I think these walks will be perfect for the days marked as rest days after long-ride days.

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