Thursday, May 5, 2011

Closing One Door, Opening Another

The end of the semester is here. Deep breath. Slowly let it out. Relief. And like semesters past, my mind, my body, my spirit have sunk into a cool, dark place where I just exist, not really participating in what's going on around me. After a week or so of this, I'm able to pull myself up and fall back into step with life, slowly moving forward again.

My moving forward started this morning with beginning Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. I chose this book as the summer read for the honors students I'll be teaching in the fall. Though I'm not all that far into the book, I'm fascinated by it. I'm really looking forward to spending more time with the book later today and over the weekend.

My next step in moving forward is to clean: my home office, the closet in the home office, and my bedroom/bath. All have been terribly neglected the last few weeks (okay, months is much more accurate). While I'm not a clean freak, I do like my spaces to be tidy and orderly, both necessary to create comfortable. And there's something about the physical activity of cleaning, of seeing a space become renewed, that helps clear the mind.

So, another deep breath, exhale, the time has come to close the door to the spring semester and open the door to summer with all that it promises.


J said...

Whew, it does feel good just to let clear up and move on, doesn't it?

JK said...

It does. I'm more than ready to call the spring semester done.

Natalia said...

I see our move as a 'spring clean' both of my running life, and ditching some of the clutter. Let us know how it goes.