Friday, April 22, 2011

While The Thunder Rumbles

The weather has been a downer most of the week. Rain, lightning, more rain. Not a whole lot of cycling happening right now, which is definitely a bummer. And the thunder rumbles as the letters appear on the screen. Despite the gloomy days, it's been a truly beautiful morning for wrapping myself in the warmth of the the covers, burrowing into the down pillow, which is what I did for two hours beyond my usual time for getting up. Delicious.

With the end of the semester just in front of me, I'm turning my attention to the summer. I've decided not to teach summer classes, and while this may turn out to be a bad financial decision, and while I might have to find a summer job of some kind come the middle of June, I'm going to try and enjoy the time away from the office, the classroom, the students. Two projects already in the works will be the focus of my summer. The hope is that by August 1st I have tangibles to show for both of these projects. For me, having a clear "due date" helps me stay on task, hence my August 1st deadline.

In between working on these two projects, there will also be activities with the kids, tending the garden, training for some longer cycling events, and hopefully just relaxing. Simply thinking of what the summer holds makes me eager to finish out the semester, close and lock the door to my office. The shifting of the energy, going from the teaching and the students to all the "other" things that get put aside because of the teaching and the students, is hard to control, contain, but I know I have a job to finish before fully moving another direction.

Happy Good Friday. Happy Easter. Happy day.

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