Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trolling the Trail

Took a nice, leisurely ride this evening. Since the day was sunny and warm, lots of people were out, using the trail.

I passed a young couple running together, and each of them had earbuds in, I presume listening to music. I found it kind of funny they were running along silently, not talking to one another. Hopefully they chatted some as they jogged, or it could be they didn't need to speak.

I passed a dad with his two very young daughters, one on a trike and the other on a scooter. He walked a few steps behind them, holding his arms out at times as if he was herding them, trying to keep them going in one direction. The girl on the scooter wanted to go one way while the girl on the trike wanted to go the other. Dad coaxed scooter girl to turn around and go with her sister.

I passed a couple, she pushing a stroller, he keeping their rather larger German Shepard reined in as a woman walking her very small Dachshund took a wide berth, watching the Shepard out of the corner of her eye.

I passed a wooded area and saw an old refrigerator with no door amongst the still-bare trees. I thought maybe that fridge could become a part of a short story, the final resting place for a character. A bit on the morbid side for what was supposed to be a leisurely ride, so I tucked that idea away and continued on.

I reached the end of the trail and kept on going for another mile or so, then decided to turn around and head home. The trail isn't my favorite place to ride because of all the people, but it definitely provides amusement and gives me lots of ideas for possible characters.

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