Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pioneer Sprint Tri Goal

The taxes are finished after much hand wringing over the weekend. An easy 12 miler Friday afternoon followed by a solid 20 mile ride Saturday did wonders for my mind as well as my body. For Saturday's ride I did the first five miles easy, averaging around 14 mph then ramped it up for the other 15 miles. When it was all over, my average speed was 17.2 mph, and that was with a pretty good wind from the SW, which turned into a near headwind for half of the ride. In the end, I finished the week on Sunday with another mile swim (having done a mile swim on Thursday), giving me the best week of workouts I've had in a very long time.

Today, I'm resting. After the Boiler Sprint Tri and a full week of workouts, I'm tired. My next sprint tri is this coming Sunday, and it's time to ease up to be fresh for it. I think my swim has significantly improved, so I'm really looking forward to the swim on Sunday. I submitted a faster time, hoping to not get stuck behind slower swimmers. I'd be very happy being the slow swimmer behind the faster people while at the same time being the faster swimmer with the slower people behind me.

I'm finding the more I work on the swimming and the cycling, the less I stress about the run. I've come a long way over the last year, in the swim and the run, and in the end, whatever happens happens. My mindset with the Boiler Sprint Tri was use it as a training session. No pressure. Just swim, bike, and run and enjoy it as much as possible. Getting stuck behind slower swimmers, having to get off the bike to walk the hill, then having to walk part of the run didn't matter. Learning where I can make some adjustments and perhaps improve the next time is what I concentrated on. This Sunday, I know the areas I'm going to work on, and while part of what to work on includes the run, I'm not going to obsess over it. It is what it is.

This Sunday, the sprint tri is almost exactly the same distances as the Boiler Sprint Tri. The bike portion is .6 miles further, so I'm going to make my goal the same as for the BST: 1:25. I'm figuring there can't possibly be another beastly hill this time around. At least that's what I'm hoping anyway. I'm also figuring the temps will be warmer, making transitioning a little easier--cold fingers have a hard time tying laces and clasping chin straps. And who knows, maybe my run will be sub 30. Anything can happen, right?

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