Sunday, February 15, 2015


This weekend was supposed to be grade papers weekend. I was going to get started early yesterday as I have quite a few papers that need attention. So what have I been doing? Avoiding anything related to work by
  • brewing up another batch of kombucha (the first batch was okay--a little too vinegary for me--so I'm hoping this batch works out better).
  • making yogurt (love knowing the only ingredients are whole milk from grass-fed cows and cultures).
  • simmering beef bone broth on the stove (and burning the palm of my hand by grabbing hold of the cast iron skillet used to brown the bones in the oven before transferring them to the stock pot. My little, "I'm so stupid! I'm so stupid!" dance around the kitchen as I'm holding my hand brought Hubby running and turning on the cold water at the sink for me).
  • making homemade granola (which smells so good as it is heating in the oven).
  • sweeping and mopping and dusting and laundry and dishes (yes, even cleaning house is more enticing than grading papers).
  • removing all the dog bombs in the yard (at least they're all frozen).
  •  writing this post!
For reasons I can't quite figure out, there are times I just do not want to read and respond to student work.

By golly, it's lunchtime . . ..

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