Friday, February 15, 2013

Step #2 of Plan B

I began step #2 of Plan B. Step #1 was to begin learning basic mechanics/bicycle repair. I've had two classes so far and need to schedule the third. Since the weather has been so cold, the garage has been frigid to the point of being uncomfortable to work in. I'm hoping The Weather Channel people are right in that we'll see the end of the cold come the end of February. They keep saying March will be above average in temps, so I'm really banking on this. They better be right. I need to have another session. While I wait, I decided to go ahead and take step #2: becoming a League Certified Instructor (League of American Bicyclists). Before I can attend an instructor seminar, I have to take the online Traffic Skills 101 course, so that's what I'm doing.

Chapter 1 covered the different parts of the bike, basic bike fit information, and equipment. I read through it, well, I skimmed a lot of it, then took the 6 question quiz at the end. I'll be honest--I was a bit worried that I might get a question or two wrong since I didn't read the material closely. Since I don't know if I'm allowed to miss any, I was crossing my fingers that I got them all correct. I was dreading clicking on the Submit button, but I had nothing to really worry about. I answered them all correctly. 100%! Now I'm into Chapter 2. And I'm digging this. Realizing how much I know about the basics makes me incredibly happy. I know I can confidently offer advice to someone just starting out.

The nice thing is being able to do the class online. I can go at my own pace, and when I'm finished with the online portion, I can contact a certified instructor out of Champaign or Chicago to complete the hands-on portion. When this is finished I can sign up for the instructor seminar. Once I have the certification, I will be able to offer classes right here, perhaps through our local bike shops and maybe even through my college's Community Education program.

So goes step #2. I'm happy with Plan B and how things are going. While Plan A is the ideal, I've set it aside as I'm just not confident in being able to get the funding needed to make it happen. Plan B is doable. Who knows, maybe after finishing the steps of Plan B I'll have what I need to pursue Plan A more confidently.

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