Sunday, February 10, 2013

Odds and Ends

How about that Notre Dame/Louiseville game last night?! Five OT's! And Notre Dame walked away the victor. A really fun game to watch. Then there was the Purdue/Michigan State game, which saw my Boilers dig a hole they couldn't get themselves out of. Not fun to watch at all.

No cycling for two weeks now. The first day I didn't ride the temp was 2 degrees with a -18 degree wind chill, the wind blowing furiously from the northwest. The next few days the temps remained bitterly cold, so I decided to wait out the weather, hoping for a warm up. Then last week came, and I was called upon for child pick-up duty in the afternoons. With my schedule, driving was the better option. Now, the rain has moved in. Cold, heavy rain, and wind.

Not cycling has made me lazy. I haven't done anything remotely physical these last two weeks. I feel like a slug. I'm afraid all the work I put in the last year is going to be undone. I have a trainer I could set up, and I have a dreadmill I could use, but I just can't find the gumption to get myself to follow through. I'm afraid to get on the scale to see what the damage is. While my clothes are still on the loose side, I know it won't take long for that to change.

What's helping me keep the weight under some kind of control is, at least I believe, the fact I no longer eat grains, legumes, or dairy. In November, a friend asked me to do a 30 day challenge with her. She had turned to the Paleo lifestyle, and she wanted me to give it a try. Always up for a challenge, I said sure, why not. That first week I lost 3 pounds. When the 30 days were up, I didn't weigh in, but I could see a marked difference in how I felt between noon and 3 pm, and how well I was sleeping. Before doing the challenge, I used to get so tired and have awful abdominal pain between noon and 3 or 4 pm. After the 30 days, my energy was noticeably better and the pain was gone. Also before doing the challenge, every night I would wake up around 2 am and have a tough time getting back to sleep. After the 30 days, I was sleeping through the night, not waking up at all. I mean I was sleeping hard. These changes were enough for me to say I'm going Paleo all the way. I am still Paleo, loving the energy in the afternoons, the no abdominal pain, and the sleeping through the night. Occasionally I miss bread, so I do allow myself to have a bagel or a slice of bread once in awhile, but overall, I can live without it. I don't miss the dairy at all. While I love, love, love yogurt, I don't pine over not eating it any longer.

Lastly, Angel Baby has a band competition coming up. He plays the sax, and recently he auditioned for the high school band director to determine which level band he would be placed in for next year as a freshman in high school. He made it into the second level. I didn't know anything about the different levels, but another parent assured me being in the second level as a freshman is very, very good. The band director then offered to give Angel Baby a private lesson once a week at no charge, saying he believes Angel Baby has real talent. I've always wondered. When Angel Baby started playing the sax four years ago, he very quickly learned how to read music. I've listened to other kids his age struggle with reading music, but Angel Baby very matter of factly reads off the notes then plays them as if it's nothing. One of my favorite things to do these days is listen to him play. I love having a musician in the house.

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