Saturday, February 2, 2013

Moving Beyond the Used Car

Ever since I was 16 and received my driver's license, I have driven used cars. I have never, ever bought a brand, spankin' new car. Until yesterday. And the car I bought isn't even for me.

Now that Lovely Beautiful Daughter is working three jobs, I just couldn't stand by and watch her put over $100 of her money into gas every 10 days or so. Our ten-year-old SUV is sucking her dry. In addition, the two used vehicles I'd bought for her over the last five years ended up being more trouble than they were worth, the last one running for a month before it died, never to be resurrected no matter what was tried. After that little debacle, I thought long and hard about the situation. Since she's working, and her brother is just a few months away from getting his license, I decided to buy a new car the both of them could use. Lovely Beautiful Daughter is going halvers with me on the payment, and Funny Delightful Son has offered to chip in once he gets a job this summer. While I don't need them to help pay for the car, I do think having them help will show them how important it is to take care of something that costs this much.

When Funny Delightful Son went to the garage this morning to see the Nissan Versa we'd brought home last evening while he was out with friends, the excitement in his voice and the wonder on his face made me completely happy with my decision. Lovely Beautiful Daughter, too, is smitten with the black beauty now occupying the bay the SUV used to. The poor SUV has been relegated to having to sit out in the elements, something it has never had to do.

Being able to do this for my kids has made me very happy. I know a lot of parents would most likely tell me I should make the kids work for and buy their own cars, and I do understand their position. My thinking, though, is I'm capable of doing this, both are going to chip in and help, and together we'll buy our family's first ever brand, spankin' new car.


Penny said...

I like your style! LOVE!

JK said...

Thank you, Penny. I'd love to see you sometime. Stop by when you're on campus, so we can chat.

Stelle said...

After the unfortunate experiences your daughter had with used cars, it’s a good call to buy a new one. And I agree with you regarding letting her and your son help with the payments. It’s a good lesson to learn early on, so they have a good idea on how to budget specifically on costs for cars. It’s not just gas involved, after all. Learning about car insurance and maintenance now will be beneficial for them in the future.

Stelle Courtney

JK said...

I agree, Stelle. It seems that now that my daughter actually has something she is responsible for, she is focused and determined to maintain. My son, too, is already looking to the summer and having a job to help out. It makes me happy to see both of them embrace the idea of helping.