Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weep(ing) Little Lion (Wo)Man

As I sat at my desk last night, getting into One Mile at a Time by Dwight R. Smith, I heard a song coming from my daughter's room, a song I heard many, many times during the summer. I came to think of it as the ride theme song because two of the young route leaders played it often. I don't know if it was reading Smith's story about getting started on his epic ride of the perimeter of the US or hearing the lyrics of that song, but all of a sudden I was in tears. Maybe it was a combination of the two.

This morning I got up a daybreak, pulled on my shorts and BTUSFMS jersey, and headed out for a short ride. The cool air helped wake me up, and though I wanted to just keep going, I turned around at the 6 mile marker and headed home to get ready for work. Twelve miles was better than none. After showering I asked Hubby to check if the Pro Cycling Tour highlights from yesterday were on. I already knew who had crossed the finish line first on Day 1 of the tour, but I wanted to see the finish as the riders had gone to Telluride, one of our stops during the summer. The highlights started and on the screen appeared the route the riders had taken. Dolores. Stoner. Lizard Head Pass. I knew these places! I had ridden this route. As the cameras followed the riders, I once again found myself in tears.

A sadness is clinging to me, and I can't seem to shake it.


Samantha said...

Before doing my first ALC I was warned that coming back to the "real world" would be difficult. I didn't believe anyone. They were so right and I was so wrong. Having done another ALC this year I thought I was more prepared for the post-ride let down again but once again, I was wrong and everyone else was still right. Is it letdown? Is it an overwhelming sense of triumph? Some people said the little things wouldn't matter anymore while I found the little things had me in tears. There's a psychology study waiting to happen for people who have done what you have and what life is like after the fact. :-)

John Romeo Alpha said...

This is why I read. A lot. And sometimes dance. :)