Friday, August 31, 2012

The Pear Tree at Mile 32

This pear tree, along with a towering oak, were the only two trees in a swath of grass next to the cornfield. Both were beautiful trees, but the pear tree captured my heart. Look at how much fruit the tree bears. Look at the limbs bent from the weight of the pears. And the rosy skin on some just beckons one to pick and sink her teeth into the flesh. I didn't, though, thinking because of how close the tree is to the corn, it may have received a misting of pesticide if the field had been sprayed. Maybe not, but I wasn't going to take a chance. 


Cathy said...

I bet you're right about the pesticides. What a waste! Those pears look AMAZING and the tree is totally charming.

JK said...

I might go back and try to find out who owns the tree. They might be agreeable to letting me pick some to bring home. Charming is the perfect word for that tree.