Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Route Moods

Since Sunday, I've gotten in 75 more miles on the bike and a half mile in the pool. Good week going so far. The last two days have been absolutely gorgeous weather-wise. Not a cloud in the sky, and today, the slight breeze we had didn't even make the turbines move. This morning, as I was finishing up a meeting with my boss, a colleague stopped by my office and asked if I was going to attend the teaching presentation of a candidate for a position in the program. Aghast, I replied, "No wind." He had absolutely no idea what I was referring to, but my boss laughed and clued him in that I was going to be occupied and would not be attending the teaching presentation. As soon as the meeting ended, I made my way home, into my cycling clothes, and out the door for a ride south of town.

Today was mostly just meandering. I was wondering when the fatigue from Sunday was going to really kick in. It did today, so I just enjoyed riding territory I've never been through before. On my way back, I passed an old barn. On the roof sat three vultures. They looked like three little old men in black coats, all hunched up. A fourth flew up and joined them as I was watching. Almost simultaneously, two of them turned, facing north, and spread their wings. They stayed like this for quite some time. It was cool and creepy all at once. Unfortunately I didn't have my regular camera with me, so I had to use my cell phone to capture the picture of them. Still, I like the distortion, the grays.

Tomorrow looks promising for another long ride. I might return to the barn to see if the buzzards regularly hang out there. There's also a crossroads I want to return to--I found it interesting how desolate it felt standing in the middle of where the four roads meet, the corn and beans on each corner stunted because of the rain and cool temps. Usually by this time of summer, the corn is shoulder high, the beans beginning to bush nicely. Not this year.

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