Thursday, June 2, 2011

If Every Day Could Be Like This Day

Wednesday, after two days of 25 mph winds with gusts to 32 mph, I awoke to stillness. Hubby was already awake, as usual, and whispered, "Winds are only 4 mph." I looked at the clock: 5:45. The battle began--get up and go or snuggle under the covers and sleep for another half hour? Then I remembered I had to stick around to call my son out of school, so I snuggled under the covers, hoping the winds stayed calm.

Once the youngest was dropped off, once I finished my oatmeal with banana and a pre-workout nutrition bar, I was ready to go. As I walked my bike off the deck and out the gate, I examined the tree tops across the street, trying to gauge how much the wind was blowing. Nothing.

I set off, deciding to take my fave route of going west then north to the lake then around the lake then back home. When I made the turn to head north, the wind turbines were still, like sentries standing guard over the farmlands. The turbines usually won't begin turning until the wind blows 10 mph or more, so with much happiness, I pedaled on, enjoying the sunny, cool morning. The ride all the way to the lake was easy and smooth.

I made my way around the lake, took a break at the beach house, eating a Honey Stinger crisp and drinking water, then set out for home. When I rounded a curve and got a good look at the countryside, I could see most of the turbines had begun turning. The winds had once again found central Illinois. Thankfully, the strong winds from Monday and Tuesday didn't return, and I was able to ride home without battling to stay upright in the crossways wind.

In the end, after 42.75 miles, I arrived home. Before my feet were even unclipped, I was planning a ride for the next day. Today is that next day. The weather: thunderstorms. The winds: ESE at 12 mph. The consolation: it's still early. Maybe the clouds, rain, and wind will move on by this afternoon. Maybe.

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