Monday, June 6, 2011

Expending Energy

The weather since last Thursday has been up and down. Rain, lightning, wind, sun, 90 degrees, 65 degrees: you name it, we've had it. Up until yesterday afternoon, I hadn't ridden since Wednesday, not solely because of the weather, and I was feeling the need to get out for a long one. I did pull myself out of bed early yesterday to get in a two mile run, in the rain, initially hoping to go at least three, but the lightning lit up the dark gray sky, so I turned tail and scurried for home. Afterward, as I sat drinking a large glass of ice water, I marveled over me actually getting out of bed to go for a run. No doubt I really needed to expend some energy. By noon, the clouds and the storms they carried moved on by, and the clear sky, the little to no wind, beckoned me to ride.

So I did. 56 miles. I've ridden this route one time before when the wind was blowing 20+ mph out of the southwest, right into my face the last ten miles. That ride was brutal, taking me 3 hours and 25 minutes to complete. This go round, I finished the ride in 3 hours 7 minutes, managing an 18 mph pace. My quads are screaming at me today that what I did to them wasn't very nice. Maybe not, but accomplishing 50 miles in 2:48, eleven minutes under goal, put me in a very happy mood. According to one of the challenges on DailyMile, that time earned me a bronze medal. I missed the silver by three minutes. Guess I'll have to try again cuz that silver is going to be mine before the end of summer.

Today the wind has returned along with the heat. While I have no plans to do another 50 miler today, I do think I'll go out for a shorter recovery ride later. Or maybe I'll take the boys fishing.

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